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Blackberry Chocolate Mini

  • 45.00 mg THC
Kiva Confections makes an incredibly tasty line of edible chocolatier quality products that are infused with high quality cannabis in a carefully crafted chocolate bar. The Blackberry Chocolate Kiva Bar blends tart berry and rich cacoa flavor and cannabis for a decadent way to medicate. Kiva chocolates tend to produce a well balanced and euphoric effect.

Insomnia, Muscle Tension

Calming, Relaxing, Sleepy

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Taste and time
By Near on 4/23/2016
Kiva blackberry mini is something you buy for a one time medication situation. Six dollars getake you a tasty dark chocolate wafer with settle berry undertones. The taste makes you want to pair it with a red wine. Kiva chocolate does not do well in heat. It usually takes me an hour to be fully medicated with a Kiva chocolate. it's my favorite of all the chocolate medications because there is no Marijuana after taste and the come down is gradual. 9/10 consistency in heat.
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