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The True OG

In describing this award-winning medicine, High Times senior cultivation editor Danny Danko stated, “The sheer power of the True OG…makes this strain a keeper for any grower looking for the real deal…”. The judges would all agree, as Elemental Wellness’s exclusive strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup seven times, was featured on the cover of High Times Magazine, earning a coveted position on the High Times list of Ten Best Strains of 2014, and was named Strongest Strain on Earth at the 2016 Jamaican High Times Cup! You’d be hard pressed to find a more decorated and celebrated strain in the medical cannabis community. Although its origins are said to lie in the hills of Topanga Canyon, the True OG remains both a mystery and a well-guarded secret. However, it is no secret that this miraculous flower provides patients with supreme healing power. A stunning heavy Indica hybrid, this exclusively prized strain has a deep pine and gasoline aroma, and delivers a heavy cerebral euphoria, and intense body effect. The True OG tests very high in the terpenoid Myrcene, an organic compound that is the main component of this plant’s essential oils. Myrcene combines synergistically with the high THC of The True OG, inducing a strong anti-inflammatory and sedative effect. With a combination of love, perseverance, and the deepest connection between plant and grower, Elemental Wellness has created a uniquely distinct strain that promotes the greatest health benefits. You simply won’t find better medicine than the True OG, and you can only find it at Elemental Wellness!

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