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My go to place for my medicinal needs. The online shopping option is suitable for busy people such as myself, who have that option of not wanting to wait in line.There is a separate parking lot and entrance for those who ordered online, ensuring a quicker entry and exit. Yes, their prices can be steep, but as my mother always said "You buy cheap, you get cheap." I'd rather pay for medicine that is guaranteed to alleviate any symptoms I may have for an extra few bucks, rather than get a cheap alternative that may or or may not work. The staff are friendly, the layout professional, and the overall environment is very welcoming.

by Jolie C. on Yelp 12/18/2016

Excellent information, great selection of medicinal pot. The employees are ery helpful selecting products. They listen to your requirements and help you select products to fit your needs. I am a cancer patient, this is a great resource for patients. I highly recommend them.

by jarvizu rover67 on Google 6/18/2016

Best Dispensary I've been to, yet! Started going to Elemental several years ago shortly after they opened, and found it to always be pleasant. Great flowers, amazing extracts, cute clones

by Hunter Vapes on Google 5/18/2016

I have been going to Elemental Wellness since they first opened their doors. I have seen their amazing growth and development over the years. One thing about this MMD, it is the finest managed most professionally run MMD of the more than 50 I've been to during the last 6 years. Elemental offers excellent service with the most knowledgeable patient centric budtenders. They offer a commitment to quality with some of the best, tested and rated flowers, waxes, concentrates, edibles etc... anywhere in the N.Bay.&nbsp. I am impressed with the new group of budtenders that continue in the fine Elemental tradition. One stands out for her friendliness and encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis. Jennifer is an awesome addition to the Elemental team and exemplifies the culture and values of this leading MMD. the other, Ariana, is exceptional in her attention to detail and passion to serve. They make going to Elemental an awesome experience.&nbsp. I have been to several MMDs recently after I renewed my card. The rules are crazy including a 10 minute limit with the budtender in one of them! Elemental has fought the assaults of the anti legalization faction of the San Jose political leadership that is  placing ridiculous and unfair regulations whose sole intention is to put them out of business.

by Ramon M on Yelp 3/14/2015

Best of San Jose. Top quality medicine, great edibles for serious conditions. Employees are not only kind and courteous but they are very knowledgeable about the products and are sure to recognize the regulars. The system is designed with great security and a streamlined process to get you in and out with little wait. Occasionally, there is a line but even when it looks like it will take forever, the longest line I've ever waited is 10 minutes. It is also a community resource center and often promotes local growers passing out free samples and other awesome benefits to this amazing place.

by CaptainSparrow on Weedmaps 1/31/2015

Overdue Review from Scrooge. I love this place. It was my very first cannabis dispensary I have been to, and is one I continue to go to after visiting dispensaries all over the Bay Area. Gabriel, Max, and many of their budtenders are great people to work with. The prices are higher than some, but not as expensive as Harborside. The patient services are actually very satisfying and worth my drive from Sunnyvale. They update and cycle products almost every day. I have not been wanting to write this review because I love this place, but given all the other positive reviews, it's only a matter of time until more people find this gem. My only gripe is that they prepackage their bud, but they also allow you to choose which of the packages you want. I hope to visit Elemental again next week. Don't forget about their membership reward program -- it's quite generous.

by Ballzley on Stickyguide 9/9/14
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