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18:1 CBD Tincture Spray

Care By Design
  • 270.00 mg CBD
  • 15.00 mg THC
Care By Design has created an reliable , easy-to-use sublingual spray that contains only the purest, CO2 extracted cannabis oil made from organically grown cannabis. The meticulous nature of this spray makes for potent and clean medicine that is also a faster-acting alternative to other edibles. Available in a variety of ratios to help better suit your various medicating needs. The 18:1 ratio is ideal for those who are new to medicating with cannabis and are looking for little-to-no cerebral effects but would like to experience the healing qualities of CBD.

Anxiety, Cramps, Depression, Lack of Appetite

Calming, Happy, Meditative, Relaxing


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Member Reviews

Auric migraines
By Senior Sandy on 7/4/2016
I realized that I was having an Auric Migraine and used 2 sprays of Care By Design under my tongue. Within 5 minutes it was gone and I could get ready for bed. This was a very good experience for the first time use of CBD products.

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